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Hi all!

I noticed some support inquiries coming as questions and messages on this tumblelog, so a clarification is needed:

The ONLY way to contact me with support related messages for my COMMERCIAL themes is via my profile page on ThemeForest.

Callisto is a free theme and thus comes without any form of support. Despite my initial plans to try and answer as much questions about it as I can, it appeared to be really time consuming and involving job for a busy guy like me. So please, don’t get offended if I don’t answer your message. As you can see, I rarely have time for this blog and most of the time I’m not aware what’s happening around. 

Actually maybe I should ‘return’ :) . I had forgotten how much I enjoy Tumblr.

Second premium theme - Litefolio

Tumblr portfolio

The first (to my knowing) Tumblr theme with jQuery slider! And not any slider - it’s the impressive Nivo Slider, integrated into a minimal portfolio layout.

Available on ThemeForest.

Some more tumblr themes and even shopping templates available from third-party vendors.

bordeauxblues said: I'm wondering if there's any way of redirecting tags to pages in the Callisto theme, so I can use the pages more as categories than individual pages of information. Since my tumblr is going to encompass different parts of popular culture and related topics this would be a great way to group the posts for those who want to do just that.

Basically no, you can’t redirect tags to pages. You can simply include links to those pages in your posts - no need to hack the whole system for a simple change :)

fcerdeira said: Hello.
I love your callisto theme! But i would like to make some personalization if u dont mind.

For example i would like to have a tag cloud, is it possible?



Hi fred,

The theme is free so you can modify it as you wish. Tumblr doesn’t support tag clouds officially but there is a third party solution  -

sillyshiqi said: Whoa okay thanks so much :) Sometimes it appears and sometimes not! Ok great that everyth's fine :D Love the theme :D

You welcome :)

sillyshiqi said: I'm sorry I forgot to state which theme. It is the Callisto Theme. Today I refreshed my page and suddenly the background image/texture/pattern isn't there anymore. It is now a blank white page with all the contents. :(

Is there something wrong? Can you help me? :(

Btw, I love your theme! :)

Yes, I saw it’s Callisto and believe me - everything is ok. Possible reasons for you not seeing the images:

  • Not enough RAM (you’ve opened too many windows/browser tabs so the OS can’t allocate enough memory to load the images).
  • Images are turned off (check your browser settings or just try to load the site using another browser)